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What we do

Design , Engineering , Procurement & Comissioning of solar power plants.  EPC is the soul of the project and must be well thought and scientific , following all protocols of quality , safety & performance

Solar EPC

100 + customers taking advantage of our monitoring systems which is like  a constant watchdog on the energy comsumption and power wastage. We help organisations limit their energy expenditure.

Energy Efficiency

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Industry and organisations having to run the peak load for a couple of hours end up paying fixed load charges for 24 hours. Our systems can eliminate the peaks and generate annual returns for our customers.

Peak Load Shaving

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Using high quality Li batteries we can currently or in the future integrate storage into the system. Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) of reputed makes have several 1000s of cycles life and are cost effective too.


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About US

Our Sun , in a massive nuclear furnace about 150 million kMs from the planet earth. It is a huge burning ball yet no burning occurs on the sun as there is very little oxygen. So how does the sun radiate so much heat , light & energy ? Sun has a lot of hydrogen . These atoms under immense pressure and temperature fuse together to become a single atom atom and in the process release huge amounts of energy . This process is know as nuclear fusion. Fusion of 2 hydrogen atoms results in formation of Helium Four atoms ( a non radioactive isotope of Helium) . Thus the genesis of Helium Four is the reason behind sun radiating so much of useful energy which can be converted to electrical energy using solar panels. We sincerely believe that "Planet Earth is designed to work on solar energy".

We are a bunch of people who are passionate about harnessing our sun in a clean & sustainable way .Solar power systems designed by us have eliminated diesel generators and helped organisations reduce their carbon foot print. Innovation is the key to success of solar energy in the future and we understand it well.  

At Helium Four Solar, we are deeply committed to renewable energy, focusing on delivering high-quality solar solutions. Our team's extensive experience and expertise are reflected in our innovative projects, which are designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring that each project aligns with our clients' needs while contributing to a greener future. Our achievements and positive client testimonials, which can be viewed on our review page, underscore our commitment to excellence and our role in advancing global sustainability goals. For more detailed feedback from our clients, please visit our review page.

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