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Energy Yield of a solar power plant in Ambala

Ambala is the most radiation rich city on National Highway 1 . This can be clearly seen if data amongst the solar power sites from other cities like Sonepat , Karnal , Panipat and Panchkula is compared. Analysis of a residential rooftop site however shows that about 80 units of energy per kWp is lost due to grid failures in a singe year , which makes about 6% of the total energy output per kWp. So due to quality of grid power supply solar power plants in Ambala produce about 6% less energy compared to solar plants in Chandigarh.

About the solar plant

This plant is designed to have minimal controllable losses. A total of 26 panels have been installed using laser beam technology in a perfect same direction Here all strings are in the same tilt and orientation and equal in size so only one out two MPPTs are used . The plant has been mechanically designed in such a way that minimal DC cable loss is encountered. The inverter is placed on the rooftop itself to avoid these losses.

  • Plant Capacity -                      8.32 kWp

  • Total Production (2019)          11045 kWh

  • Energy /kWp/Year (2019)-       1381 kWh

  • Production /kWp/Day -             3.8 kWh 

Equipment list

  1. 26 , 320 Watt , Renewsys Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels.

  2. 1 , SMA STP 8000 inverter.

  3. Hot Dip Galvanised Module Mounting Structure designed for wind speeds upto 180 kmph.

  4. LAPP make , outdoor water proof AC & DC cables . True gauge and UV stabilised.

  5. 3 Nos. Earthing electrodes , 10 feet deep copper bonded 250 microns UL tested

  6. Remote monitoring system.

  7. All protection and safety devices.

Monthly Yield data (2019)

Distribution of energy

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